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Make the web an experience


At WAWWW, we highlight the history and personality of brands. That's why we create aesthetic and high-performing websites that reconnect you with your audience. By blending tech and design, we offer memorable experiences that will set you apart from the competition.


  • Branding
  • Art direction
  • UX/UI design
  • 3D modeling
  • Front-end & back-end development
  • Technical direction
  • Project management


Showcase website

Custom design, advanced animations / interactions, performance optimization

Web/mobile application

Cross-platform mobile application, SAAS software, API


Shopify website, migration, visibility and conversion

Web experience

Immersive website, conceptual design, 2D / 3D in real time


Givenchy, Trader joe, Brumaire, Virvolt, Surge, Jona, Tolk AI, Barney, BrandForge, etc.



01/ Ideation

Development of ideas to define the goals, structure, and features of the website.

02/ Design

Creation of mock-ups to plan and visualize how the site will look and function.

03/ Development

Building the site by coding and integrating all the features in an optimized and secure way.

04/ Quality Assurance

Testing the site to ensure that it functions correctly and meets the specifications, to prepare it for launch.

05/ Deployment

Publishing the site online to make it accessible to the public and filling in the content.

06/ Maintenance

Monitoring and fixing technical issues to ensure the site continues to function properly after launch, over the long term.


WAWWW is a project by two friends aiming to create an ecosystem of passionate individuals that fosters creativity and exchange. We primarily collaborate with people we trust, recognized for their expertise and experience. Everyone brings their own skills and values to contribute to each other's expertise. This culture results in a highly motivated team and high-quality projects.